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pernah ngira gak orang macam gue nerima email kayak beginian????

I invite you to dream again.

Be fearless and stand strong with courage in
the face of any adversity... realize success
must first be present in your thoughts and
then in your habits.

Once you can dream again, you can live again.

You feel that excitement in the pit of your
stomach once more, growing with anticipation,
feeling truly inspired by thoughts that suddenly
spring from nowhere to guide you to fulfillment.

You know the feeling, even if you guard it.

That feeling comes from the dreamer.

For a dreamer, nothing is impossible.

No obstacle is too great to overcome.

Everything is within reach.

Only imagination divides the dream from reality.

Therefore if your imagination isn't real, then
in reality there is no division from the dream.

The dreamer is fulfilled, successful and happy.

For imagination fuels the creative fire upon
which the flames of inspiration burn brightly,
melting away every opposing force in its path.

In every story, the dreamer becomes the hero.

If you are feeling the dreamer begin to awaken
within you, I invite you to my private web site:


Welcome to the dream... where one, five and even
ten thousand dollar days are physically possible.

Imagine what an extra five hundred dollars would
do for your lifestyle. What about five thousand?

Suspend your disbelief, objections and self-imposed
limits on what you think is realistic and open your
eyes to a new world of potential and possibilities
that continue to exist whether you believe in them,
or not...

The only requirements are a positive mental attitude,
a burning desire for success and strong persistence.

If you carry these qualities, you are invited to
join a private community of dreamers who dedicate
themselves to helping each other taste success...

Claim ownership of your right to live in a constant
state of abundance and wealth... where prosperity
flows through you and is attracted to you, daily.

If you feel in your heart this letter was written
just for you, I am open to speak with you today.

After you have devoured every page from:

Submit a serious callback request from here:

...and I will give you a personal call today.

Make sure you go through the web site first,
because many questions are already answered.

Visit the FAQ page, listen to actual testimonials
from estatic members of our private community,
and read about my own personal success story.

This web site is not for skeptics, tire-kickers,
freebie seekers or anyone wanting a handout.

Success is earned, plain and simple.

Success, fulfillment and happiness requires
certain conditions are met before any real
prosperity can be attained, or sustained.

If you have the qualities of a successful
person and act only out of inspiration and
motivation, seeing only your goal in front
of you and paying no attention to obstacles,
hurdles and road-blocks in your way...

Then the only thing missing is a vehicle
to bring you from where you are, to where
you want to be in the most direct manner.

I am proud to say that after nearly a decade
of searching, I have found the right vehicle.

This community has become my vehicle. And if
you are feeling compelled, I am inviting you
to become a part of it and grow with us.

Here's what to do next:

1. Devour every page of the tour so you
can make an informed, intelligent choice:

2. Submit a serious callback request and
connect with me on the phone immediately:


If you feel those flames of inspiration licking
at your soul and excitement engulfs you in the
moment and you cannot wait for me to call you,
then you can join right now from here:

Email me directly at:

And let me know you're ready to join within
24 hours and I'll give you first priority.

That means I'll call you and help you get
started immediately before anyone else.

You know exactly what to do now.

It's your choice to take action, or do nothing.

Those who do nothing, get nothing in return.

But those who take action when inspired get
the keys to the kingdom, every time.

Your story has just begun...

You choose the path it leads from here.

You are the hero in this epic saga.

The next chapter determines your fate,
failure or freedom. Which choice will
lead you to where you want to be?




I'll see you inside.

Jason Mangrum

PS. Read this letter again.

3909 Lake Rd, Woodlawn, TN 37191

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